WSU stocks menaposs bathrooms with FREE menstrual products

WSU stocks menaposs bathrooms with FREE menstrual products

In an effort to demonstrate its “commitment to inclusivity,” Washington State University has begun stocking men’s restrooms with free menstrual products.

The initiative is one of many focusing on “improving the transgender community experience on campus,” and is currently being tested in three restrooms on the Pullman, Wash. campus.  The university is in the process of “assessing similar needs” at other WSU campuses to determine which men’s rooms will receive new accommodations.  

Additional changes include allowing students to choose a name other than their legal name for their student identification card and a new policy requiring all new buildings to have gender-neutral single-user restrooms. Some individuals found the practice of requiring a legal name on student identification cards “alienating” for transgender students who use chosen names.

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“Affirming folks’ identities on their CougarCard is a really big piece for us,” Director of WSU Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center Matthew Jeffries, who also co-chairs the Gender Inclusive and Trans* Support Working Group, a function of WSU’s Campus Culture & Climate Initiative, said. Jeffries’ working group has been tasked with addressing “inequities” on WSU campuses through collaboration with departments and other university entities.

"Throughout the system, students are coming forward and advocating for change,” Nolan Yaws-Gonzalez, assistant director of WSU Vancouver Student Center, said. “We’re going to make changes that impact the whole system.”

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However, not all students see these changes as productive. WSU College Republicans President Amir Rezamand told Campus Reform  Friday that he found the idea of stocking men’s restrooms with tampons and sanitary napkins “pretty ridiculous,” so much so that he feels it is “indicative that we live in a clown world.”

Campus Reform reached out to WSU for comment, but did not receive a response in t

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Gonzaga denies Ben Shapiro speaking request Shapiro denies their rejection

Gonzaga denies Ben Shapiro speaking request Shapiro denies their rejection

Gonzaga University is among Young America’s Foundation six universities where Ben Shapiro has chosen to speak in spring 2019, despite the college administration previously denying a request to allow him on campus.

Gonzaga said that Ben Shapiro would not be allowed to speak on the Washington State campus because, according to Gonzaga Vice President of Student Development Judi Biggs Garbuio, “Shapiro’s appearances routinely draw protests that include extremely divisive and hateful speech and behavior, which is offensive to many people, regardless of their age, politics or beliefs."

Following that statement, YAF announced on its website the six universities where Shapiro, the "#1 requested speaker in the country," is scheduled to speak, although details have yet to be announced for five of the six colleges. 

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Gonzaga College Republicans President Olivia Johnston, who initially filed the request to bring him to speak, told Campus Reform, “I think it’s beyond exciting Ben Shapiro wants to come. He will bring an intellectual take on conservatism that is normally so absent at Gonzaga. He is coming, now it’s a matter if the school wants to be the reason they aren’t abiding by the promises of our Jesuit education. All the details come after the approval."

In an interview with Seattle based conservative radio host, Jason Rantz, Shapiro said, in part: 

So we can’t have me because we don’t want the people who are yelling at me, which is a basic violation of First Amendment principles. Gonzaga is a private school obviously, so that changes the math a little – they can do what they want. But by the same token, if you are worried about your student body being exposed to interesting ideas because people are going to protest, all this does is create an incentive for people to protest and make trouble. That works both ways. If the new rule is that they will bar anyone from coming to campus who draws protests, why wouldn’t right wingers go out and protest Angela Davis, who spoke there within the last five years – who was an honest-to-God former terrorist who was on the FBI’s most wanted list. The f

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aposQueer Lightsapos coming to UMass-Amherst

aposQueer Lightsapos coming to UMass-Amherst

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst is offering a new seminar course for the spring 2019 semester titled ‘Queer Lights’. 

The class “will cast light on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and asexual (LGBTQA) topics while the students in the class literally cast light-building LGBTQA-themed electronic light displays,” according to the course description.

Among the topics discussed will be “the intersections of racial and LGBTQA identities, the campus climate for LGBTQA students, and the legal and political rights of LGBTQA people today.”

David McLaughlin, a UMass professor who received a TIDE (Teaching for Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Equity) Ambassadorship for the campus because of his contributions in creating “Queer Lights,” states that the course provides new ways for teaching about inclusion.

“This course contributes to, and may be a new model for, addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity topics in the classroom,” McLaughlin said in a news release.

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UMass-Amherst made headlines earlier in 2018 when Young Americans for Liberty sued the school for a land use policy mandating that “outdoor speeches and rallies during class hours may be held only on the west side (main entrance) of the Student Union Building, and shall be limited to one (1) hour in length, from noon to 1:00 P.M.”

UMass-Amherst settled the lawsuit by scrapping the speech duration and location restrictions.

The school is also recognized as the birthplace of the "trigglypuff" meme during a 2016 speech given by anti-political correctness commentators Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Christina Hoff Sommers.

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Campus Reform reached out to the Stonewall Center, the campus "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) Resource Center" named on the flier, as well as the UMass-Amherst College Rep

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9 colleges using wacky ways to help students aposde-stressapos from finals

9 colleges using wacky ways to help students aposde-stressapos from finals

As the end of the semester approaches, finals season is inevitable for many college students, and to calm students down, colleges and universities are hosting “de-stress” fests, offering students free massages, coloring books, and even a trip to the mall.

1. Middlebury College

At Middlebury College, for example, the Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif. is hosting a “Student Services De-Stress Room,” in which students have the opportunity to “color, smell and breath your stress away!” with free “Essential oil creations,” “coloring,” “play dough,” “hot tea” and even a “foot/neck massager." 

2. University of Massachusetts- Lowell 

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell took a similar approach, offering students “free chair massages,” as well as a “Reiki massage" during their “stress relief day.” 

3. University of Massachusetts- Amherst 

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst also gives students the chance to receive “acupuncture sessions,” and go to meditation classes.

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4. University of Nebraska-Omaha

Instead of free foot/neck massages, how about a shopping trip? The University of Nebraska-Omaha is providing a “free shuttle” for students to go to a shopping mall in the area called Nebraska Crossing. Students will enjoy a three-hour shopping trip at the mall and are provided with a “free Nebraska Crossing goodie bag.”

For students who aren’t into shopping, however, the University of Nebraska-Omaha provided students with a “Crafternoon at the Library” where students can “color away their stress” and make a “shrinky dink charm.”

5. California State University-Northridge

At California State University-Northridge, their library is handing out “finals survival kits” which include a “FREE pillow," or earplugs "plus lots of other goodies," all of which is in addition to providing

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